Before Sending in your Head Down Firearms HD-15 Rifle for Warranty, please consult the Owner's Manual which provides a plethora of information that may answer or resolve your questions with your firearm. 

Please Click the Link Below to View and Download the Manual: 

 HD-15 Owners Manual 

Head Down Firearms is proud to offer a transferable lifetime warranty on all HD-15 rifles and pistols. We will fix or replace any rifle which doesn't meet our factory standards. We warranty our work to be free from defect in the manufacturing process.  

We are NOT Head Down Products. If you own a Head Down Products rifle or pistol, we did not manufacture it. Consequently, we do not warranty the work of another company. Unfortunately, we have to explain this to Head Down Products customers far too frequently. To our knowledge, Head Down Products has ceased all business operations as of 2018.  

-We did not buy Head Down Products. It was not a restructure of any kind.  

-We've never manufactured any of Head Down Products models nor do we use the same OEM vendors. 

-We do not have the obligation to fix Head Down Products broken firearms. 

How to identify a rifle or pistol manufactured by Head Down Firearms: 

1. Our receivers are marked "Head Down Firearms" 

2. Our receivers have HD-15 marked as the model designation. 

3. Our receivers have a shield on the right side with the negative space making an "H" 

4.Our serial numbers currently begin with the prefixes JNM, GDJ, ADW or MBM. 

How to identify a rifle or pistol manufactured by Head Down Products (not our company): 

1. The receiver is marked "Head Down Products" on the side of it. 

2. The receiver is marked with a skull logo on the right side.